Handheld Blower

Handheld Blower

Enjoy watching leaves flying with the wind,Simple and convenient to bring you fun.

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Discover the joy of manipulating the wind

Enjoy watching leaves flying with the wind, but worry about the courtyard being messed up? Try the latest handheld blower. Portable, reliable and multi -functional.

For leaf dean- up and collecting, sucking in and chopping, but without all the. is designed to reduce noise to a minimum. while retaining maximun performance The same is ture for our vacuum shredder and backpack blowers.


1. Gasoline tank

Supplys fuel that can last more than 30 minutes at full rotate speed.

2. Effort-saving starter

Newly designed starting system reduces the effort and brings comfortable operation.

3. Texture handle

Frosted surface increases the friction and thus provides a steady hold.

4. Modern tool design.

The shell with rounded corners is less susceptible to dirt and is easy to clean.

5. Cruise-Control-Switch

Controlling the blower air volume, it can achieve constant speed operation, it's more comfortable to use.

6. Mini flat nozzle

Blower tubes can be disassembled and replaced according  to  use purpose. Also convenient for shipment.

7. Replaceable blower tube

The tiny exit of this small nozzle ensures extremely high air speed. Perfect for moving hard-to-shift dirt

8. Muffler

Two versions of muffles available: with and without catalyst, which meets different emission standard and requirements in different countries or locations.

9. Anti-vibration system

This structure reduces vibration for easy and comfortable operation.

Lightweight machine body, portable to carry, strong wind, durable operation. There are three kinds of air outlet blow pipe, it can be randomly matched according to actual needs, with ergonomic shock absorb design, comfortable grip, making work more comfortable.

More importantly, blower can be switched into a blower which has suction function by installing the suction pipe accessories, it is easy to operate and safe to use.

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