Garden Brush Cutter Gasoline Machine

Garden Brush Cutter Gasoline Machine

garden  brush cutter gasoline machine is designed according to the hilly, mountainous area, the plot is small, the elevation difference is big, and does not have the machine to plow the way.Suitable for sandy land, economic growth of loose soil, intertilled and weeding.Knapsack weeder is widely used in field cultivation, furrow and ridge, plastic greenhouse, tobacco, nursery, orchard, garden management, tea planting, etc.

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Product Details

Product details

Engine:   1E40F-7A

Displacement(cc):  42.7

Power(kw):  1.25

Fuel tank(ml):   1000

N.W/G.W(kg):   7.8/11.5

20#container:  500

40Hq container:  1200

Product description

This machine is suitable for trimming all kinds of hedges (holly, boxwood, cypress, juniper, sorghum, crape myrtle, red leaf scorpion, golden leaf sorghum, tea tree), spherical hedges, weed removal. In the case that the flatness, inclination, and width of the lawn cannot meet the requirements,and the cart type lawn mower cannot work normally, the machine can also be used to assist in mowing the lawn to eliminate the "dead angle" of the operation.

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Product advantages

Energy saving, low noise, no pollution.This machine is suitable for pruning all kinds of hedgerows (Holly, yellow poplar, cypress, juniper, shuhui, crape myrtle, red leaf berberis, golden leaf privet, tea), spherical hedgerows and removing weeds.In the case that the flatness, inclination and width of the lawn are not up to the requirements and the wheelbarrow lawn machine cannot operate normally, the machine can be used to help mow the lawn and eliminate the "dead corner" of the operation.

Product notice

Pour out the fuel tank fuel, press the oil pPour out the fuel tank fuel, press the oil pump several times, then empty the fuel tank fuel, install the blade cover on the blade, and put the lawn mower in a clean place. This machine can last longer

Startup method:

The fuel tank is topped up with a good fuel. The mixing ratio is 1:20-25 for FB/FC grade oil and 1:40-50 for FD grade oil.

Press the oil bubble under the carburetor until the fuel is filled with fuel.

Turn the flameout switch to the "I" position.

Pull the starter to pull the rope.

After starting the reaction, close the damper and pull the starter rope again.

After the startup is complete, open the damper.

Cycle acceleration heat engine.

In the first 10 hours, the oil mixing ratio is slightly thicker, and then according to the normal ratio.

Note: The oil mixing ratio cannot be wrong or biased. The fuel should be used as needed. After each work, perform the necessary maintenance, wipe the dust, clean the oil, and so on. Never use inferior oil as a matching oil.

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