Shoulder Type of Brush Cutter Powered by 4 Stroke Chinese Engine.

A kind of forest machinery.It is used for removing shrubs, weeds, pruning branches, cutting path trees, cutting bamboo, etc.The cutting and irrigation machines are equipped with replaceable additional equipment or equipment, which can also be used for harvesting crops such as rice and wheat, as well as pumping water, drilling holes and spraying pesticide.

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Product Details

Product details

Model: BG430A

Capacity: 42.7 cc

Power: 1.25 kw

Tank: 1000 ml



Product description

Brush cutter is also called mower, machine sickle,  mower.According to different power, it is divided into electric and internal combustion power, which is divided into two - and four-stroke gasoline engines.According to different transmission modes, it can be divided into soft shaft drive and straight rod drive.According to the oil supply mode of the engine, it is divided into float type and pump film type.There are two kinds of working head of cutting and irrigation machine: blade and nifaucet. When working in a good working environment, it is safer to use nifaucet instead. it is also be used for harvesting crops such as rice and wheat,  drilling holes and spraying pesticide.The mower, also known as the knapsack mower, can actually be carried on the back and can be carried by hand.


Product show


product development trend

The development trend of cutting irrigation machine is to use new materials to further reduce weight.Adopt low vibration engine and advanced vibration isolation device, and reasonably configure the machine parts, so as to reduce the harm of vibration to human body.Improve machining and assembly precision of machinery and improve suction and exhaust system to reduce noise.Various safety protection devices are added to improve the safety of operation.A shrub-cutting device is added to the suspended shrub-cutting irrigation machine to simplify the cleaning process of shrub-cutting

Product features


1. Easy start with ES, easy start.

2. 3 layers of large air filter element to ensure filtration performance.

3. BG430A  mower adopts the dust cover of carburetor to strengthen the protection of carburetor.

4. Tap out the rope and hit the straw head to get out of the line quickly.


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