Gasoline Engine for Agriculture with Low Consumption

Gasoline Engine for Agriculture with Low Consumption

gasoline engine for agriculture with low consumption is single-cylinder, inclined, four-stroke, overhead valve and forced air-cooled gasoline engine developed by domestic and foreign advanced technology gasoline engine for agriculture with low consumption have the characteristics of advanced design, compact structure, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, economical use and convenient speed regulation.

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Product Details

Product details

Cylinder diameter: 36

Capacity: 32.6 cc

Rated power: 0.9/7000kw/r/min

Clutch speed: 4200

Fuel tank capacity: 0.95L

Purifier: separator

Weight: 3.6/4.1 kg

Packing size: 290*220*275mm

Product description

The ideal combustion chamber shape, excellent suction and exhaust effect,

 Professional speed stabilizer to reduce uneven operation caused by load changes.

The hand-drawn recoil starter allows the women to start easily thanks to the pressure relief mechanism.

Standard equipment for the transistor magnet ignition device, which has stable ignition performance, low fuel consumption, low fuel consumption and good economy.

The cooling air passage is improved to improve the cooling performance, thereby further reducing the fuel consumption. Low center of gravity design; low vibration.

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product features

1. Easy to start, smooth running, low vibration

2. Simple and light.

3. Built-in oil warning

4. Multiple power output shafts

5. Hand start and electric start can be selected

Precautions for use:

1. After the overhaul of the engine, during the running-in period, it is necessary to strictly implement the operating procedures of the running-in period and the provisions of load shedding and deceleration.

2, maintain the correct ignition time, avoid adjusting the ignition time too early, and make the engine burst and overheat

3. Ensure sufficient oil that meets the original manufacturer's specifications. Always check the oil pressure and replace the oil according to the regulations.

4, add enough cooling water, and often check the cooling water volume and water temperature


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