Gasoline Blade Electric Hedge trimmers

Gasoline Blade Electric Hedge trimmers

Our Gasoline Blade Electric Hedge trimmers is a professional manufacturer of hedgerow shears in China. For the price of hedgerow shears, pictures of hedgerow shears, hedgerow shears model, hedgerow shears brand, hedgerow shears wholesale please feel free to contact me.Hedge shears classification: the name is different under different classification criteria, straight knife, long blade and short blade, telescopic, plate making, forging, quenching, aluminium handle, iron handle and so on. The quality of hedgerow shears is better with forging, and various processing techniques of steel determine the quality difference.

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Product Details

Product description

Technical parameters

Blade form: double blade

Delivery: 23 cc

Speed: 7000 RPM

Power: 0.6 kw

Tank: 600 ml

Trim length: 600-700mm

Product shows


Product features

Our  Gasoline Blade Electric Hedge trimmers features double - blade hedgerow machine

1. High speed and high power;

2. Thickened gear box and wear-resistant gear are operated with imported materials without shaking;

3. New energy saving and low fuel consumption save costs;

4. The blade is made of standard SK5 material, with high hardness and wear resistance.

5. The service life of the engine can reach over 300 hours;

Our  hedgerow machine is a professional hedgerow machine which is specially designed for working in bad environment for a long time


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