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A Brief Introduction To The Gasoline Engine
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Gasoline engine is an electric spark ignition internal combustion engine that use gasoline as fuel.Gasoline burns normally in the cylinder of a gasoline engine, and the steam and air of gasoline are mixed in a certain proportion.A kilogram of gasoline is mixed with 15 kilograms of air to burn fully. The mixture is called a standard mixture.If you have a lot of gasoline, it's called a thick mixture, and if you have a small amount of gas, it's called a thin mixture, and it doesn't burn properly.When the engine is working, the fuel oil in the oil chamber is sucked into a vacuum, and atmospheric pressure balances the pressure on the membrane.Needle valve opening varies with engine load and is automatically adjusted.Therefore, the pump film carburetor is not limited by the oil surface and can work normally under any inclination.Suitable for mountain slope area operation