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Bearing Cage For Car Wind Power And Home Appliances
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Cage (namely the bearing cage, also known as the bearing retainer), refers to the part of the package all or part of the roll body, and with the movement of the bearing parts, used to isolate rolling body, usually also guide roller and keep it in the bearings.

The material types of the cage include: low carbon steel/stainless steel cage, bakelite/plastic (nylon) cage, brass/bronze/aluminum alloy cage, etc.

When Rolling bearings at work

, heat and wear caused by sliding friction bearing, especially under the condition of high temperature operation, the effect of inertial centrifugal force increased friction and wear with fever, a bracket will be caused serious burns or fracture, the bearing can work normally.Therefore, request retainers material besides have a certain strength, must also be good thermal conductivity, low friction factor, good abrasion resistance, impact toughness, density is small and linear expansion coefficient and rolling body is close.In addition, the stamping cage needs to undergo more complex stamping deformation, and the material must have good processing performance.On some of the most demanding racks, some will be covered with a layer of silver.