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Blower Features Introduced
- Jun 07, 2018 -

1. Blower Because the impeller runs without friction in the machine body, it does not need lubrication, so that the discharged gas does not contain oil. It is an ideal pneumatic conveying gas source for chemical and food industries.
2. The blower is a volume-operated blower. When used, the flow changes little with the change in pressure, but the flow rate changes with the rotational speed.
3. The blower rotates at a high speed. The gap between the rotor and the rotor and between the rotor and the airframe is small, resulting in less leakage and higher volumetric efficiency.
4. The structure of the blower determines that the mechanical friction loss is very small, because only the bearing and the gear pair have mechanical contact on the material selection, the rotor, the casing and the gear ring have sufficient mechanical strength, the operation is safe, and the long service life is one of the blower products. Big features.
5. The rotor of the blower has been verified by static and dynamic balance, and the finished product runs smoothly with minimal vibration.