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Cage Selection
- Jun 07, 2018 -

For engineering plastic cages, the performance of various manufacturers is slightly different, but generally similar, this type of cage is light in weight and suitable for high-speed applications. The failure mode of this cage is not sudden cracking, so it is suitable for some Sudden downtime is not allowed, but for mining machinery, this cage is not suitable for use due to safety considerations because its damage does not occur suddenly, but is completely destroyed as the temperature gradually rises to a certain extent. It is very dangerous for explosive occasions. At the same time, this cage has a temperature limit, generally -40 to 120°C:
For brass cages, there is basically no hindrance, but it is not suitable for environments with ammonia. Generally small bearings do not use copper cages.
There is also no limit to the steel cage, but large bearings do not use steel cages.