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Control And Maintenance Of Baling Machine
- Sep 04, 2018 -

1. The power input is equipped with a safety clutch. The main drive shaft, compression device and rope binding device are equipped with safety bolts. When the system load is too large, the bolts are automatically cut, the power transmission of the tractor is cut off, and the protection system is not damaged.

2. Imported German knotter and main transmission system, the performance of the whole machine is stable and the bundle ratio is high. It can adapt to different biological materials baling operations, is firm and reliable, and can adjust the length of different bales, which is efficient and flexible.

3, automatically pick up straw, weeds, automatic separation of mud and sand, automatic feeding, automatic compression, automatic rope, automatic out of the package, the entire process of automatic operation, easy to operate, high efficiency. The profiler wheel is mounted on both sides of the pick-up, so that the picker can maintain proper distance from the ground and good profiling performance. The upper end of each rack of the picker is slightly up-tilted, which is convenient for the grass to pick up and clean. When hitting a hard object such as a stone, it can automatically avoid it.