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Description Of The Main Components Of The Hedge Trimmers
- Sep 05, 2018 -

The gasoline engine power drives the blade mechanism to work through the transmission mechanism, the main handle is located at the rear of the machine, the front handle is mounted on the front part of the machine casing, and the front handle can be rotated at a certain angle, wherein the main handle passes The telescopic rod is connected to the main body of the machine, and is connected between the main handle and the telescopic rod or between the telescopic rod and the main body of the machine through a rotating mechanism. The side of the hedge trimmer also includes a pair of side handles, and the two side handles also pass The telescopic rods are connected and mounted on the machine through the telescopic mechanism, and are connected by the rotating mechanism at the connection with the machine. The operator can select the holding manner, the rotation angle and the telescopic length of the handle according to the needs and usage habits, and the operation is simple, convenient, and work efficiency. High, while the package size is small. Features: 1. Absorb Japanese technical strengths; power is strong and stable, cylinder wall is chrome-plated, with enhanced crankshaft, greatly extended