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Development Process Of Agriculture Balers
- Jul 06, 2018 -

The 18th century, the transportation, agricultural production in many countries are powered by a horse, so that in the urban and rural areas need a lot of hay to feed the horses, aslo the hay grass need to be compressed, .In 1853, America's Emory invented the grass bounding machine, which made the balers strong and easy to transport.The baling press machine is a kind of level, the extension of baling box at both ends and a function such as piston, when put grass in by the Malay to pull a chain and a pulley mechanism, , the bundling machine per hour can play 5 bundle of grass, each bundle of 125 kg, the disadvantage of the machine is when is running, it still need to make auxiliary workers.

In 1872, diedrich of the United States developed a continuous production baling machine on the basis of Emory, which achieved great success in the United States and Britain, thus accelerating the production pace.

The steam pressure baler machine was developed in 1884 due to the continuous improvement of production capacity.After the baling machine presses the grass into bundles, the people bind the bundles and then automatically eject the bundles.

In 1871, Walter Wood, an American, was granted a patent for a wire baling machine, which  was excellent at that time and had been exhibited in Britain.

In 1858, John - Fees -  invented the rope baling machine, but as a result of the rope is expensive, so it was until 20 years after the technology development, the bundling machine easy to use, model dexterity.In 1878, manufacturer Dillin made baling machines using the method of appleby baling.

Before 1958, balers   can only be put straw into rectangular,now the Cylinder baler machines are into commodity production,