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Evolution Of The Device Of The Tillers
- Sep 05, 2018 -

The all-axis full-gear micro-cultivator was developed and manufactured by the Italian benassi company in 1988. It was introduced to China in 1997 and was reformed in Guangxi and Chongqing to adapt to China's more complex environment.

The Italian prototype adopts an all-aluminum cast transmission case, which is equipped with an Italian native high-power single-cylinder diesel engine. The quality is stable and reliable, and it is suitable for the agricultural farming needs of users in Europe and America.

After the introduction of China, the relevant manufacturers have made large-scale improvements to the machine, especially since the domestic cast aluminum technology is far behind the relevant industrial level in Italy, so the walking box is changed from the original aluminum to cast iron, and the walking box is added. The strength of the body when it comes into contact with the ground, but it also increases the weight of the whole machine.