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Future Development Of Tillers Machines
- Jul 26, 2018 -

1. Multi-function

New machines and tools will be provided continuously and new functions will be added. On the basis of improving agricultural functions, they will be gradually extended to urban gardens and horticultural fields, such as grass cutting, snow clearing and tree and leaf crushing machines.

2. Choose an adaptable engine

Engines with low noise, low emission, strong power and strong adaptability will be more widely used.

3. Easier operation

It is more convenient to adjust the operating handle, forward and backward speed

4. Speed up the replacement of working parts

In order to reduce the labor intensity of the operator and save the time to replace the agricultural machinery and tools, the fastening device of the micro-tillage machine and supporting machines and tools is adopted for quick fastening.

China is a large agricultural country, and hilly and mountainous areas account for a large area, small land, uneven, suitable for the use of small machines and tools;In addition, the business scale to the family - based, need small equipment;With the further adjustment of the agricultural planting structure, the area of crops in the field is gradually decreased, and the area of economic crops is constantly increased, especially the rapid development of greenhouse greenhouses.

The key to the start of the market is the increase of farmers' income.Farmers buy microtillage as a means of generating income, not just a means of reducing labor intensity.From the current perspective, although farmers' income has increased to a certain extent, it has not yet reached the level of rapid market launch. The production enterprises must have enough patience and confidence, conduct market research seriously and actively cultivate the market.According to industry experts.