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Garden Blower And Road Duster
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Function of blowers: road sweeping leaves. Winter snow blowing. Light design, long operation without fatigue.It is understood that in the past, road teeth, isolation belt dead Angle snow all rely on the manual broom and spade to dig snow, the operating efficiency is very low.The department's sanitation workers, equipped with snow blowing equipment and powerful blowing snow, can quickly blow the snow off the dead corner, increasing the efficiency by 20 times.Timely snow removal by wind snow blower can prevent the damage of snow disaster to greenhouse greenhouses and drapes

This machine is low cost, low energy consumption, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high applicability, etc., on the road without damage, solved the difficult problem hulls greenhouses be snow removal, reduce labor intensity of artificial snow removal, is ideal for snow removal tools, are currently knapsack blower, big power, easy operation, compact structure, it is mainly used for: sanitation cleaning, engineering construction, garden maintenance, municipal roads, and other industries!This newly developed machine can greatly reduce the workload and labor intensity!