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High Efficiency Of Eargh Auger
- Aug 29, 2018 -

The earth auger is widely used in the planting and excavation of the seedling garden greening project on sloping land, sandy land and hard land, and the peripheral unearthed of the big tree is excavated.Digging holes for fenced piles;Fertilizing holes in fruit trees and trees and planting in landscaping projects.Weeding, etc.Excavation diameter: 200-600mm.At least 80 pits per hour, it can dig 640 pits at the rate of 8 hours per day, more than 30 times that of manual work.Intertilled, weeding operations at a width of 50 cm or more should be no less than 800 square meters per hour, to truly achieve full automatic operation process, ground drilling to free people from heavy manual labor.Strong power, beautiful appearance, comfortable operation, low labor intensity, suitable for various terrain, high efficiency, easy to carry and field operations.