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How To Clean The Lawn Mower Accessories Air Filter?
- Jun 07, 2018 -

The foam filter is cleaned every 25 hours, and the dust should be more frequent.
Foam filter cleaning using kerosene or washing liquid and clean water, squeeze dry, then soaked in oil, squeeze out excess oil to install.
Filters with a pre-empty air filter are cleaned every 25 hours. The paper core is cleaned every 100 hours. It should be frequent when the dust is large.
The front air filter is the same as the foam filter.
The paper filter should tap on the plane. If it is very dirty, a should be replaced or washed in low or no foaming detergent and warm water solution; b thoroughly rinsed with water from inside and outside until the water flow is clean; c stand and air dry.
Note: Do not clean the paper core with petroleum solvents such as kerosene, as it may cause deterioration of the paper core. Do not place oil on the paper core and do not use compressed air to clean or dry the paper core.