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Introduction And Classification Of Brush Cutter Machine
- Jul 16, 2018 -

A kind of garden machinery.It is used for removing shrubs, weeds, pruning branches, cutting path trees, cutting bamboo, etc.The cutting and irrigation machines are equipped with replaceable additional equipment or equipment, which can also be used for harvesting crops such as rice and wheat, as well as pumping water, drilling holes and spraying pesticide.The development of cutting irrigation machine is closely related to the development of small power machinery.

Portable cutting machine is divided into a side hung and knapsack two kinds: (1) side hanging type cutting machine adopts hard shaft driving. It is mainly composed of engine, transmission system, clutch, working parts, control devices and side hanging belt, etc.A single-cylinder two-stroke pneumatic gasoline engine and centrifugal friction clutch with 0.75 ~ 2 kilowatts are configured at one end of the transmission shaft.The other end is equipped with working parts composed of reducer and cutting tool.There are many types of working parts, usually saw blade, blade or nylon wire.When working, hang the hook ring on the aluminum alloy sleeve of the transmission shaft on the back strap under the operator's shoulder, hold the handlebar, and swing the hard shaft horizontally to cut weeds and shrubs.The weight of the machine is about 6 ~ 12 kg, and the speed is about 4500 ~ 5000 RPM.Parliamentary vacuum chamber refill machine.With the soft shaft drive, the general structure is similar to that of the side hanging cutting irrigation machine, except that the engine is carried on the back of the operator, and the cutting parts are driven by the soft shaft, and the engine power is generally 0.75 ~ 1.2kw.The engine is connected with the back frame at two points and is equipped with special rubber parts to prevent vibration.The flexible shaft is a steel wire flexible shaft fitted in the hose to transfer torque.The hose is a threaded pipe with a steel band wrapped in a metal braided net covered with a rubber sleeve to prevent dust from entering the shaft and to maintain lubricating oil on the shaft surface.The cutting width is usually between 1.5 and 2 meters.

Hand-supported cutting and irrigation machine is supported by the weight of the machine tool by the walking wheel.Its structure and working principle are similar to portable irrigation and cutting machine.

The suspended cutting and irrigation machine is suspended behind the tractor and driven by the power output shaft to rotate the working parts. It is suitable for large-scale cutting and irrigation operations.It is mainly composed of frame, saw blade, drive device, suspension device and push plate.When cutting irrigation works, the tractor moves backward, working at a speed of 5km/h, and can saw shrubs with a diameter of 10cm.

The development trend of cutting irrigation machine is to use new materials to further reduce weight.Adopt low vibration engine and advanced vibration isolation device, and reasonably configure the machine parts, so as to reduce the harm of vibration to human body.Improve machining and assembly precision of machinery and improve suction and exhaust system to reduce noise.Various safety protection devices are added to improve the safety of operation.A shrub-cutting device is added to the suspended shrub-cutting irrigation machine to simplify the cleaning process of shrub-cutting.Figure captions