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Introduction Of Mowing System
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The power system transmits power to the rotating wheel through the belt drive. The rotating wheel is connected to the header part. The gear box is installed in the header, and the circular cutting disk is connected under the cutting table. The cutting plate is evenly mounted. Three cutting knives, three cutting knives are evenly mounted on the cutting table, and the cutting table drives the circular cutting disc to rotate at high speed. The header is connected to the machine frame through the two connection points, and the position of the upper connection can be changed. By changing the positions of the two screws, the gap of the header can be appropriately adjusted to adjust the height of the cutting head. . This is the header guard that is attached to the frame and its main function is to block the debris that is rolled up during the operation of the cutter so as not to injure the operator behind.