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Knapsack Power Sprayers
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The knapsack power sprayer is a kind of portable, flexible and efficient plant protection machine, suitable for the disease and insect control of various crops and economic crops, such as cotton, rice, wheat, fruit tree, tea tree, banana, grape, citrus, litchi, etc.It can also be used for urban environmental protection, crop and vegetable protection, pest control in greenhouse, chemical weeding, animal husbandry and epidemic prevention.

The pressure spray method has good atomization effect and strong pertinence of application, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces liquid loss and waste.The main components of plunger pump are bidirectional plunger type, simple and compact structure, convenient maintenance.High pressure, large flow, high production efficiency and effective control.The main spraying parts are long stem three sprinkler head, spraying width, high efficiency.