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Knapsack Weeder Land Reclamation Necessary Machine
- Jun 07, 2018 -

The knapsack weeder is a must-have machine for reclaiming land and turning the ground. It mainly consists of a gear box body, a top cover, an output shaft, and two bevel gears. The bevel gears are used to transmit power and change the driving direction. The top cover is equipped with a screw plug for ventilation and refueling. The lower part of the box is equipped with an oil drain plug. The inner gear and the shaft of the box are splined, and the gear is locked with a back-up washer and a round nut to prevent its axial movement. .

Knapsack weeder is a must-have machine for land reclamation and turning, and Lei Li Machinery has come to the present day with quality and development. Integrity has created unpredictable values. With the continuous development of society, the level of people’s lives is constantly improving. We have developed a multi-functional backpack mower since it was developed, allowing people to liberate themselves from the hard work. The oldest method of artificial planing has gradually become estranged. With weeding machinery, people no longer contribute and save time. It saves labor and saves a lot of resources. According to the tremendous changes in the economy, people's requirements are constantly improving. Selecting a Leibile backpack mower can effectively complete the mission of rushing to wasteland.

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