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Lawn Mover Application
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The lawn mower is mainly used in garden decoration trimming, grass greening and trimming, urban streets, green spots, pastoral pruning, field weeding, especially grassland and grassland in the park, other grassland such as football field, private villa garden, and agriculture and forestry animal husbandry. The finishing of the vegetation on the site can also be used during the autumn harvest.

However, lawn mowers have certain limitations when cutting grass in rural fields, land, and mountains. The main reasons are the uneven terrain, power supply methods, and the weight portability of lawn mowers.

The lawn mower used today is a gasoline lawn mower, also known as a gasoline saw. It is widely used for lawn trimming and beautification of park grasslands, green belts, factory grasslands, golf courses, home gardens, grasslands, orchards.