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Lawn Mover Development Time
- Sep 06, 2018 -

In 1805, the Englishman Placnet invented the first machine for harvesting grain and cutting weeds. The machine was driven by humans and the rotary cutter was used to drive grass by gear transmission. This is the prototype of the lawn mover.

In 1830, British textile engineer Bill Pudding patented the roller mower.

In 1831, British textile master Kabilla won the exclusive patent for the world of trolling machines.

In 1832, Lansems Agricultural Machinery Company began mass production of drum mowers.

In 1902, the Englishman London Enns built an internal combustion engine-powered drum mower, and its principle was extended to this day. With the rapid rise of the turf industry, lawn mowers in garden machinery have developed very fast!

In the past, only those who had the money to ask the workers to trim their lawns with a slashing knife (of course they can also ask the sheep to do it, but they must endure the embarrassment of the sheep from time to time). In 1830, the son of a farmer, textile mill worker Edwin Badin, changed the situation. Inspired by the velvet-swinging machine, he partnered with businessman John Ferrabi to build the first self-propelled cylindrical mower, which is almost identical to the mower still in use today.