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Lawn Mower Is Widely Used In Grass Private Gardens And Soccer Field
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Lawn machine, also known as Lawn Mower, Lawn Mower  is a kind of fully automatic machine tool used to repair grass bedding, vegetation and so on.It can replace or reduce manpower, and operate conveniently, save manpower and time, realize environment beautification, and is widely used.

Lawn mower is mainly used in the botanical garden decorative trim, grass green trim, city streets, green spots, rural clip, especially the grass in the park and the plains, football and other use pasture, private villas, garden and agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry area vegetation nap, can also be used at the time of the autumn harvest.

However, the lawn mower has some limitations when cutting grass in rural fields, fields and mountains, mainly due to the problems of uneven terrain, power supply and weight portability of the mower.

The most commonly used mower nowadays is gasoline mower, also known as lawn mower.It is widely used for mowing and beautifying the lawn of park grass, green belt, factory grass, golf course, home garden, grassland, orchard and other places.