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Leaf Blower Engine Start
- Dec 25, 2018 -

Leaf blower engine start

when the vehicle is cold, and the choke should not be used when the vehicle is hot. At the same time, the manual pump is pressed more than 5 times. 2. Place the machine motor support and shackle on the ground and stabilize it in a safe position. If necessary, place the shackle in a higher position and remove the chain protection device. The chain must not touch the ground or other objects. 3. Select a safe position to stand firmly, press the machine to the ground with the left hand at the fan casing, the thumb is under the fan casing, do not step on the protection tube, and do not lie on the machine. 4. Pull out the starter rope slowly until it stops, and then pull it back quickly and forcefully. 5. If the carburetor is properly adjusted, the cutting tool chain cannot be rotated at the idle position. 6. When the load is empty, the throttle should be pulled to the idle speed or small throttle position to prevent the flying phenomenon; the throttle should be large when working. 7. When all the oil in the fuel tank is used up and refueling, the manual oil pump is pressed for a minimum of 5 times and then restarted.