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Maintenance Of Mower Oil Is Very Important
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Before the lawn mower accessories are used, check the oil level on the lawn mower to see if it is in the middle of the oil ruler. Change the oil in the first 5 hours and change the oil in the next 10 hours. Then change the oil according to the situation. When changing the oil, the engine should be in a warm state, so that the old oil can be completely replaced; if the oil is excessive, it will appear: difficulty in starting, or the black smoke is particularly large, or the power is small (too many cylinder carbon deposits, spark plug clearance is small), Or the engine heat is too large; if the engine oil is too small, there will be loud or damaged engine gears, or a large wear and damage of the plug ring, or a pull-up phenomenon, which will cause severe engine damage. Therefore, the maintenance of the engine oil is very important.