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Pressure Plate Spring Tension Adjustment Of Earth Auger
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Pressure plate spring tension adjustment

By adjusting the relative position of the adjusting plate and the circular hole on the bracket, starting from the rotating adjusting plate until the spring just touches the pressure plate, the front picking head continues to rotate and adjusts to 3 holes of the adjusting plate, and the rear picking head is adjusted to 4 Holes, aligned with the holes fixed in the bracket, can be adjusted to the front 4 and 4 after inserting the flange screws. When adjusting, the pressure plate on the rear picking head should be adjusted first, and the pressure plate on the front picking head should be tightened only when necessary. If the spring pressure is too small, the extracted cotton will have less impurities, but the residual cotton will increase; if the pressure is too large, the recovery rate will increase, but the cotton impurities will increase and the wear of the parts will increase.