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Self Propelled Double Purpose Water Rought Spray Rod Sprayer
- Jul 18, 2018 -

1. Double use of one machine, realize the functions of dosing and fertilization, easy and quick replacement operation, free adjustment of spraying height, suitable for the needs of different crops in different growing periods.

2, the machine adopts level 4 filtration system, imported from Italy drip-proof nozzle body and German imports nozzle, atomization effect is good, avoid spray system of congestion and cleanup, greatly improving the work efficiency.

3. The tires are made of solid mud removal tires, which prevent skidding and do not crush crops. They have good passing ability and are durable.

4, Japan's imports of free maintenance three cylinder high-pressure plunger pump, reliable performance, good atomization, stable pressure, spray quality improved significantly, liquid dosage decreased significantly, greatly reduces the pollution to the environment and human and livestock.

5. The fuel consumption is 0.1 yuan/mu, which is cost-effective. The daily prevention and control of over 500 mu is 60-80 mu per hour.

6. The water and dry fields operate freely.