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Several Types Of Lawn Mowers
- Jun 07, 2018 -

1. Manual mower
Manual mower is relatively simple, no charging, no need for fuel, the noise is almost zero, under normal circumstances the small size of the manual mower, the operation is relatively simple, but also easy to place, the width of the manual mower base 14 - Between 20 inches, more suitable for home small lawn.

2. Electric mower
Electric lawn mower, as its name implies, is powered by mowers, it does not need refueling, less maintenance, easy start, lighter weight, the general base width is between 14-20 inches.

3, gasoline lawn mower
Gasoline mowers, compared to electric lawn mowers, are slightly larger in size and generally have a base width of about 21 inches. Because gasoline is used to drive the motor, the horsepower is larger than that of an ordinary electric lawn mower. It's also fast, and the price is only slightly more expensive than electric lawn mowers.

4. Riding mower
Riding lawn mowers are very cool and cool. Of course, the budget also needs to be in place. If you have a large lawn, if you need to trim one or several football fields or golf courses, then the mowing opportunity is yours. Favorite.