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The Development Trend Of Water Pump
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Water Pump internal characteristics of the promotion and pursuit of external characteristics

The internal characteristics of pump refer to the inherent characteristics of products including product performance, component quality, assembly quality of the whole machine, appearance quality, etc., or simply called quality.In this point, many pump manufacturers are concerned about and efforts to improve the aspect.And, in fact, we can find that there are many products in the factory with to use the unit running, tend to reach the effect of factory inspection, such as overload, increases the noise, using short or reduced life spans, etc;And the pump in the actual operating point or operating characteristics, we call the pump external characteristics or system characteristics.

Technicians often spend a lot of time designing products to improve the efficiency of one percent of a product.However, if the pump operation deviates from the designed high efficiency point, the actual operating efficiency is far more than one percent lower.Now, the pump manufacturer also provides the user with control equipment and complete set of equipment including frequency conversion, which has actually been involved in the pursuit of the external characteristics of the pump.On this basis, focusing on the centralized control system of the pump to improve the operating efficiency of the whole pump and pump station is a step up in the pursuit of external characteristics of the pump.