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The Evolution Of The Agriculture Mini-tiller
- Jul 06, 2018 -

The tiller was developed and made by Italian company benassi in 1988. It was introduced to China in 1997 and was modified and tested in guangxi, chongqing and other places to adapt to more country's more complex environment.

The Italian prototype adopts all-aluminum casting drive box body, with Italy's local high-horsepower single cylinder diesel engine, stable and reliable quality, which can meet the needs of European and American users in agriculture and farming.

After introduced into China, the manufacturer of the triller on a large scale improvement, especially because of domestic aluminum technology lags behind Italy related industrial level, so instead of the original aluminum cast iron will walk enclosure, increase the strength of body contact with the ground when walking, but also increase the weight of the triller.

In 2003, with the joint efforts of various trillers manufacturers in chongqing, the machine finally completed the preliminary structural transformation and was officially launched in large quantities.