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The Main Material Of The Bearing Cage
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Bearing Cage (namely the bearing cage, also known as the bearing retainer), refers to the part of the package all or part of the roll body, and with the movement of the bearing parts, used to isolate rolling body, usually also guide roller and keep it in the bearings.

when  bearing cage  at work, especially the load is complex and high-speed rotation, the cage to withstand a lot of centrifugal force, impact and vibration, cage and large sliding friction between roller, and generate a lot of heat.The result of the combined action of force and heat will lead to the failure of the cage, which in severe cases will cause burns and fracture of the cage.Therefore, it is required to maintain good thermal conductivity, good abrasion resistance, low friction coefficient, small density, certain strength and toughness, good elasticity and rigidity of the frame materials.The expansion coefficient is similar to that of the rolling body.And good processing performance.In addition, the cage is subjected to chemical agents such as lubricants, lubricant additives, organic solvents and coolants.