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The Wide Application And Characteristic Of Backpack Sprayer
- Sep 03, 2018 -

With the strong wind power of the sprayer, the front and back of the leaf can be sprayed with medicine, the penetrating power is strong, the pests can be eliminated in all directions, the control effect is good, the overall weight is light, the corrosion resistance is good, the work is comfortable, the service life is long, and the center of gravity is low. Good stability, flexibility, high efficiency, easy operation, large hose and fan shell joint, rotary structure, long service life of hose, mainly used in large-area operations such as cotton, wheat, rice, fruit trees, etc. Crop pest control, can also be used for chemical weeding, urban and rural sanitation and epidemic prevention, spraying particle chemistry, granular pesticides, also applicable in mountainous areas, hills and other places.