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Truck-mounted Pneumatic Sprayer Suits For Your More Choices
- Jul 20, 2018 -

 Production of new type of mechanical wind spray insecticide feeding machine is mainly used for chemical pesticides, disinfection, wind spray insecticide feeding machine has obtained national patent, and tractor after three articulated form a complete set of assignments, use simple mechanical transmission, power transmission, through the tractor pto gearbox adopting German technology, can form a complete set of 30-120 horsepower tractors, range far (30 to 60 meters), good penetrability, good control, compact structure, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, use effect of the adjustable atomization nozzle, super fine droplets, spray evenly, droplets are less drift,Precision spray, high utilization rate, low pollution and low cost can be carried out.Compared with similar products, the performance of the air-borne dosing machine is particularly outstanding in terms of high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving (the dispensing ratio is the same as that of the normal spraying medicine, and the water-saving dosing rate reaches 30% to 55%).It can be applied to the complex topography in towns and rural areas, and the operation in a large area of farmland can demonstrate the remarkable efficiency of the machine. In fact, the spraying area per hour can reach 180-300 mu, and the daily working efficiency is more than 1500 mu.