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Welfare For Fruit And Forest Operators
- Jul 04, 2018 -

For every orchard manager, spraying drugs to control pests and diseases is the biggest headache in orchard management.

With the ordinary medicine pump, an acre of land should use four or five hundred jin of water, to give the fruit trees medicine as if to take a spray gun to wash the car, the medicine liquid to splash down.This kind of medicine is reputed by the personage inside course of study "it is like taking a bath", not only laborious and laborious, but also caused huge waste of liquid medicine and environmental pollution.

So now we have the self-propelled fruit machine to make the liquid  more easily attached to the front and back of plant leaves, especially the back of plant, effectively increasing the liquid deposition.Moreover, the aerosol droplets formed by electrostatic atomization are small and evenly distributed. After charging the liquid with electricity, the activity of the agent can be increased, the control effect can be improved, and the agent can be saved.Its application in insecticides has obvious advantages, the same insecticidal effect can save more than one third of the drug, and greatly improve the spraying efficiency.