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Business vision

Our vision: Jiananwan makes work easier!

Second, the mission of the company

Our mission: One-stop to meet the needs of your agriculture and forestry machinery

Third, the core values

Based on the vision and mission of Jiananwan  trade, the core values we advocate are:

Four customers are forever partners

● Customer benefits are the core interests of the company.

● Everything comes from the customer, everything is for the customer.

● Respect customers, understand customers, and continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations.

● The most important criterion for measuring our success is our level of customer satisfaction.

Five business life

● Establish a quality awareness of “Quality-Building Jiananwan” and participate in the creation of excellent quality.

● Depending on the quality of the product as the life of the company, the inferior products will only be eliminated, and the quality products will win respect.

● Continuously innovate product designs to deliver innovative products with superior performance.

● Continuously improve the manufacturing process and provide reliable products with stable performance.

six. is the capital of Jiananwan

● Respect talents, provide a talent for talents, and grow and develop together with Jiananwan

● The enthusiasm of the employees who have completed their work well is the most recognized in Jiananwan

Seven. Expensive resources

● Pioneering and innovative employees are the most needed resources in Jiananwan

● Attracting and nurturing a professional, passionate and creative team of employees is an important mission for Jiananwan to continue its entrepreneurship and long-term success.