Self Propelled Boom Sprayer

Product details Model: 3WPZ-500 Spray rod length: 9.62 meters Spray width: about 14 meters Start-up mode: Electric drive drive steering mode: Hydraulic steering gear speed: 6 forward , 3 sets drive mode: four-wheel drive operation efficiency: 62-80 acres / hour Product description As soon as...

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Product Details

Product details

Model: 3WPZ-500 

Spray rod length: 9.62 meters 

Spray width: about 14 meters 

Start-up mode: Electric drive 

drive steering mode: Hydraulic steering 

gear speed: 6 forward , 3 sets 

drive mode: four-wheel drive 

operation efficiency: 62-80 acres / hour

Product description

As soon as this spraying machine was launched, it was noticed by CCTV and appeared in the field shower "I love invention" column.Because it reduces the number of farmers

The damage of crops provides convenient machinery for farmers. It is easy to operate and turns flexibly. Besides, the wheel distance and vehicle body width are specially designed for Chinese farmland

Crops, by adjusting the height of sprays, can also be sprayed for low-growing crops, which is a good invention with wide application range and strong application type.

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Product features


1. The spray pipeline system has multistage filtration to ensure that the nozzle will not be blocked during operation.


2. the appropriate working speed should be correctly selected according to the concentration and dosage of the liquid to improve the control effect.


3. select the right medicine according to the characteristics of disease, insect and weed control, and dilute the pesticide in proportion according to the requirements of different crops, so as to avoid affecting the effect of prevention and control or causing pesticide damage.

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